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Nature Pack

Detail: Pack of 6 volumes of atmospheres and sounds of nature, forests and villages, sounds of water and liquids, winds, atmosphere of snow-covered volcanic mountains, frozen lakes and meadows below -15 ° C. More than 13 hours of sound effects and moods of nature. Sold separately, these volumes would cost 540 €. Buy this pack and save 162 €.

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Librairie sonore, ambiances et bruitages , liste des fichiers
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Info : All these sound effects and soundscapes are treated and mastered with care. All files are long and varied to make excellent loops for movies or games.

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- Recordings and mastering 24 bits / 96 khz. Wave format.
- Over 6000 sound effects and moods and 30,000 shots.
- All recordings are processed and balanced with care.
- High quality sounds and processed for cinema use.
- All files are long and varied enough to make great loops for movies or games.
- Metadata in each file and Soundminer compatible.
- Long file names for easy searching and understanding.