Noises of materials Vol. 5 Catégorie Industry and Materials
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Noises of materials Vol. 5

Detail: Sound effects of steel sheets. Noises of shaken metal sheet. Sounds of striped metal sheets, curled. Sounds of rubbed metal sheets, with tremors, rumblings and hisses. Bearing sounds of steel balls. Sounds of saws or thumps on a sheet of steel. Sounds of deformation, ripple. Thunderstorms.

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Info : All these sound effects and soundscapes are treated and mastered with care. All files are long and varied to make excellent loops for movies or games.

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- Recordings and mastering 24 bits / 96 khz. Wave format.
- Over 6000 sound effects and moods and 30,000 shots.
- All recordings are processed and balanced with care.
- High quality sounds and processed for cinema use.
- All files are long and varied enough to make great loops for movies or games.
- Metadata in each file and Soundminer compatible.
- Long file names for easy searching and understanding.